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How Long Does It Take For B12 Supplements To Work?

Vitamin B12 supplements can work within 48 to 72 hours. You should be able to feel some energy returning within that time frame. Liquid-based B12 supplements tend to work faster than tablet-based B12 supplements. B12 tablets can sometimes take weeks before any signs of effectiveness become obvious.

Vitamin B12, or Cobalamin, is a vitamin intrinsic to leading a healthy lifestyle. Cobalamin maintains the nervous system, controls energy levels, and produces red blood cells. You can get B12 from meat, fish, and dairy. B12 deficiency is common in vegans because they avoid animal products.

You may have a cobalamin deficiency if you’re experiencing sluggish bouts, muscle aches, diarrhea, tingling nerves, blurred vision, and frequent mood changes.

This article will explain all there is to know regarding B12 supplement effectiveness, how long it takes to recover from a B12 deficiency fully, and how long you should take the supplements.

How long does it take for B12 sublingual supplements to start working?

It’s difficult to determine when precisely the B12 sublingual will take effect, as it differs from individual to individual. However, you will likely feel effects quicker than any other form of B12 supplements besides injections.

A study conducted in 2019 concluded that B12 supplements in sublingual form were most effective due to how quickly they are absorbed.

B12 sublingual is among the fastest cobalamin supplements available as it enters directly into your bloodstream. Taking a B12 supplement sublingual allows the vitamin to skip the digestion period and get straight to increasing your B12 bloodstream levels.

Other B12 supplements, such as liquid B12 and B12 tablets, have to first be digested and also filtered through the liver. When should I take a B12 sublingual supplement?

You should take a B12 sublingual supplement in the morning before eating any food. You will be able to ensure quicker results that way. Alternatively, you could take it throughout the day, as long as you take a break from eating before taking it.

How long does it take for liquid B12 to start working?

Like most B12 supplement products that are self-administered, it can take weeks for any real signs of the B12 supplement working. You will unlikely feel any instantaneous results, but with regular dosage daily and at the same time, you will feel the supplement start to work.

You can get into the habit of intaking B12 liquid supplements very easily, given how simple it is to self-administer.

We recommend the Why Not Natural B12 liquid supplement because it provides the methylcobalamin form of B12. Unlike cyanocobalamin that needs to be converted to methyl to be usable, methylcobalamin is in its usable form.

In this way, Why Not Natural guarantees tangible changes to your energy, mood, and nervous system within the shortest time.

Why Not Natural B12 is also free from preservatives and sweeteners and is suitable for vegans!

What is the recommended time to take a B12 liquid supplement?

Take a B12 liquid supplement early in the day, preferably before eating. You should never take a B12 liquid supplement in the evening. B12 liquids affect your nervous system in the same way that caffeine does. The liquid results in restless sleep if administered too late.

You should avoid drinking coffee when taking B12 liquid supplements. At least wait an hour before consuming caffeine of any type after taking B12 liquid.

How long does it take for B12 injections to work?

You will feel the effect of B12 injections within 48 to 72 hours. Injection B12 supplements are similar in effectiveness to that of sublingual B12 supplements in the sense that they enter directly into your bloodstream, causing immediate effects on your cobalamin level.

Despite their effectiveness, they are not a popular B12 supplement, given their difficulty to administer.

You cannot take a B12 injection supplement yourself. You will need a medical professional to administer the injection to perform the process safely.

You will also have to undergo regular blood tests after the injections to ensure that the supplement is working.

Is there a recommended time for taking B12 injections?

You should take a B12 injection sometime before 6.00 pm. Like most B12 supplements, B12 may give you an unwanted energy boost in the evening, which will keep you awake.

You should take a B12 injection early in the day to assess whether you are attaining any immediate effects from the supplement. You may feel a sharp energy boost, which could be beneficial if you have a cobalamin deficiency.

How long does it take for B12 tablets to work?

B12 tablets (cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin) can take weeks before signs of the supplements working start to show, including regaining your energy levels. You will have to take B12 tablets daily for this rate of effectiveness to be possible.

You may not get any results using B12 tablets alone. You might have to take B12 injections first to create a cobalamin level for the pills to build on.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free and vegan B12 supplement that works, check out Mega Food Methyl B12. You’ll discover this product to provide plenty of energy, given that it also features B6 vitamin and folate.

When should you take a B12 tablet?

Take a single dosage of B12 tablets every day when you wake up. Morning is the only appropriate time to take B12 tablets to avoid insomnia and potentially feel the benefits of increasing energy as the day progresses.

You should aim to have a meal immediately after taking the B12 tablets to help them get digested quicker and sooner into your bloodstream.

How long should I take B12 supplements?

B12 supplement recommended length of dosage differs from product to product.

Your general health condition could also impact the recommended length of time. You can consult your doctor to get an accurate timescale in which you should take them.

You should consult your doctor or nutritionist if you take B12 supplements for the recommended length of time and still find yourself suffering from a cobalamin deficiency.

The general guidelines for the length of time you should be taking B12 supplements are as follows:

How long should I take sublingual supplements?

It is considered safe to take sublingual supplements daily for as long as it takes you to recover from a B12 deficiency.

How long should I take B12 liquid supplements for?

You can take liquid B12 safely over a long period as the excess is excreted in the urine. You should consult your doctor for more accurate information, as this can depend on the person.

How long should I take B12 tablets?

Take 1500 mcg or more of methylcobalamin daily to make up for a B12 deficiency. If you have recovered from a B12 deficiency but are still using the tablets to keep your cobalamin levels up, you should take 1000 mcg daily.

How long should I take B12 injections for?

You will be required to take B12 injections every 2nd day for a few weeks. You may receive either cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. The length of time you have to undergo the injections depends on how quickly your B12 deficiency improves.

Luckily, there is little room for error in overdosing, as the injections are administered professionally. You don’t have to worry about the length of time in which you are taking the injections.


The length of time B12 supplements take to work depends on both the type of supplement and your health. Sublingual and injection B12 supplements have the fastest acting qualities as they come into contact with your blood sooner.

Supplement B12 injections are good if you prefer the idea of the supplement being administered by a medical professional. However, they’re not good if you have a fear of needles and prefer the convenience of at-home treatment.

We recommend sublingual B12 supplements to be the best as they are the easiest to self-administer and are fast-acting. We recommend Why Not Natural B12 Liquid that you take sublingually due to its methylcobalamin form, natural ingredients, and the fact that it is vegan friendly.

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